Moving to Belgium

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Moving to Belgium

Your Move to Belgium with Britannia - Britannia Cestrian operate a weekly part load and full load service by road to and from Belgium covering all areas to include Brussels, Antwerp, Gent, Bruges and Liege.

Packing and Delivery – We can provide a full door to door removal service, and unpack your belongings on arrival. Although there will be insurance implications you retain the right not to have some or all items unpacked should you choose. Alternative destination services are available subject to final destination and method of transport.

Additional Removal Services – Britannia can provide a variety of additional services when moving to Belgium. We are authorised to provide a comprehensive insurance, can arrange international storage prior to delivery, recommend a convenient way to transfer your money, and can also take care of your pet transport.

Living in Belgium

Expats moving to Belgium will experience one of Europe’s most eclectic and diverse nations. Belgium can boast very high living standards, and unparalleled cultural variety. Brussels, the capital is a centre of international politics, and houses many important EU institutions. Antwerp is a dynamic city with one of the largest seaports in Europe, while Bruges is a beautiful historic city, and its city centre is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Located in the heart of Europe bordered by the Netherlands, France, Germany and Luxembourg, Belgium is a parliamentary democracy and a constitutional, popular monarchy. The country is divided into two main cultural and linguistic groups, the Dutch-speakers, who are mostly Flemish and the French-speaking Wallons, and there is also a small group of German speakers. While there are occasional political and cultural conflicts between these different linguistic groups, Belgium has a strong economy, and offers a very high standard of living, with a developed education, housing, health and transportation infrastructure.

Belgium is often seen as a melting pot of different cultures, and Belgians are usually seen as having a sophisticated taste, whether it comes to gastronomy or arts, but being rather reserved at the same time. The language barrier, and the linguistic differences within the country could pose a challenge for an expat moving to Belgium. French and English are widely spoken in Brussels for example, but if you are relocating to the north, Dutch will be the most widely-spoken language.

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