Moving to France

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Moving to France

Thousands of Britons move to France every year, and tens of thousands spend their holidays there. France is said to be the tourist hotspot of Europe, ranking even before Spain, and is an attractive country to relocate for the English. These figures are not at all surprising, if one thinks of the diverse and rich culture, varied landscape, the sunnier climate and even the sheer proximity of France to England.

France is situated in Western Europe, and is a major economic, cultural and military influence in Europe and the world. It is regarded as one of the most developed countries, with the fifth largest  economy in the world. The population enjoys a very high standard of living, one of the world’s highest life expectancies, an excellent health care system and high education levels. France can also boast an extremely rich culture, just think of the Louvre or the Loire Valley Castles, and a variety of unique cities to move to.

Whether you are planning to move to one of the centres of continental Europe, Paris, the European capital of culture, fashion, and luxury, or move to a relaxed seaside resort with a sunny and warm climate, France is the perfect place to move. France’s diversity will surely satisfy you, whatever you are looking for, and you will definitely enjoy great food, and a varied and rich culture.

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