Moving to Germany

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Moving to Germany

Whether you are looking for more economic opportunities, want to live in one of the cultural centres of Europe or in a small, relaxed city, moving to Germany would definitely be the right choice. The country has always been a popular expat destination, and can not only boast a strong economy, but a rich cultural and historical heritage. Germany is a multicultural and heterogeneous country, with the third largest number of international migrants in the world, where you will certainly be able to find a lifestyle that suits you, and where you'll enjoy a modern infrastructure and a high quality of life.

Germany is located in Western and Central Europe, bordered by Denmark, Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria, and Switzerland among other countries. It is a federal parliamentary republic comprising sixteen states. Germany is a major economic and political power, with the world’s fourth largest economy, and offers a very high standard of living with an extensive social security system. The country has diverse landscapes, a progressive environmental policy, an excellent public education system and universal health care.

While immigration regulations can be stringent, especially for non-EU citizens, and some people may prefer a sunnier climate and a more relaxed pace of life in the Mediterranean, Germany can truly offer a lot. Berlin is actually one of the most culturally exciting cities in Europe, where you can live a genuinely relaxed life, and Germany, due to its location in the centre of Europe, offers unparalleled diversity and a wide range of opportunities.

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