Moving to Holland

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Moving to Holland

Those moving to the Netherlands will discover a culturally diverse, democratic and modern country. While tourism in the Netherlands might not be as strong as in Spain or France, partly due to the less sunny climate, moving permanently to the Netherlands can be a perfect choice for those looking for an open, and tolerant society and a good quality of life.

The Netherlands is located in North-West Europe, and is bordered by Germany, Belgium and the North Sea. The country is a parliamentary democratic constitutional monarchy with a very strong economy. The Dutch economy has been a leading force since the 16th century, especially in shipping, trade, fishing and banking and is still at the forefront of global trends nowadays. The country also has a unique geography, with more than 25% of its area lying below sea level, and with hundreds of rivers and canals criss-crossing the country. Those used to huge cities might also find the Dutch middle-sized cities strange at first, with even Amsterdam having a population of less than 1 million.

The Netherlands is not all about tulips, clogs and windmills, it has a diverse cultural life, and offers a good quality of life for those living there. Unemployment levels are low, and there are no huge inequalities among the population. For those speaking English, language difficulties will not be great either, as most Dutch people speak excellent English. So if you decide to move to the Netherlands, you will enjoy an open and tolerant culture, travel to amazing cities and will be able to choose almost any lifestyle that suits you.

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