Moving to Spain

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Moving to Spain

Spain is nowadays undeniably one of the tourist hotspots in Europe, and an attractive destination for those looking to move abroad. The combination of the sunny climate, cultural diversity, a slower pace of life, and the relatively low living costs make Spain a perfect choice for many.

Spain is a diverse and multicultural country, not only due to the fairly high numbers of foreigners now permanently living in Spain, but due to distinct traditional regional identities, like the Basques, Galicians or Catalans. The country is a member of the EU, with a parliamentary government under a constitutional monarchy. Its economy is one of the largest in Europe and the world, and the country is rated very high in terms of living standards and quality of life.

Overall, Spain can boast a vibrant culture, a high quality of life, with free public health care and education, and a variety of employment opportunities, especially for those moving from the UK or Western Europe. One thing is for sure, no matter whether you move to Barcelona, Salamanca or Cadiz, you will discover a diverse culture, enjoy great food, travel a lot, and will get used to a more relaxed pace of life.

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