Moving to Scandinavia

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Moving to Scandinavia

The Scandinavian people have similar tendencies, one main similarity being that they are very democratic. Boasting in this region of Europe is frowned upon greatly and people prefer to listen to others, rather than ensuring their own opinions are enforced or even heard.

The languages are also fairly similar, although they are different in the way that the Finnish language is Nordic, however the Swedish language is more Germanic based. The Scandinavian people are very soft spoken, due to their democratic nature, meaning it is rare you will see a public display of aggression or frustration. This is a very attractive feature of all 3 countries.


Again due to the egalitarian nature of the peoples, it is rare to find an overly competitive Scandinavian. Please be aware, all Scandinavian people expect to be treated in a courteous manner, as this is how they are to everybody they meet.

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