Moving to South Africa

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Moving to South Africa

If you are planning to move from Chester, North Wales or Wirral to Johannesburg, Durban or Cape Town, South Africa, Britannia Cestrian have the experience and professionalism for you.

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Shipping to South Africa

Moving all of your worldly possessions from country to country can be a difficult and stressful time, however with Britannia Cestrian, you know you and your belongings are in safe hands. We will fully pack and export wrap all of your belongings, collect them from your house and deliver them to your new home in South Africa, with very little effort on your behalf. We will even complete all customs clearance and unpack you goods where you want them.

Here at Britannia, we are able to offer multiple options for your overseas removal, varying from a single suitcase, a prized motor vehicle or a full 5 bedroom house. There is nothing too small or too big for Britannia Cestrian to handle.


Full 20 ft. or 40 ft. Container Shipment

There are 3 main container sizes, known as “20 ft.”, “40 ft.” and “40 ft. H.C.”. These tend to be used for full house moves and will be dropped at your door and loaded, if this is your preferred method. Alternatively, your goods can be collected from your property and brought into our warehouse, where they will be carefully loaded into the relevant shipping container when you wish and the container will be sent on its way. The next time you see the container will be when it has cleared customs and been delivered to your door in South Africa. This is usually approximately 5-7 weeks from collection to delivery, subject to your preferences and customs clearance.


Groupage Consignments

Should you not wish to send enough goods to fill a container, there is a groupage shipping option. This is, quite simply, a shared container service and as you would imagine takes a while longer than a sole use container. The positive is that this option is generally cheaper than having a container for your belongings alone. This usually takes approximately 8-12 weeks from collection to delivery, subject to customs clearance and consolidating with our other consignments.


International Packing/Wrapping Service and Bar-code Labelling

The most important part of the removal process is the packing and protecting of all of your belongings. Britannia Cestrian pride ourselves on the care we take with regards to the packing and wrapping of your most cherished items. All small items will be bubble-wrapped and place carefully into industrial strength packing materials. Each item will have its own bar-code and every single one will be checked off at both collection and delivery, ensuring the safe transport of your sentimental goods.


Customs Clearance in South Africa

Customs generally takes 7-10 days to clear and you must be present in South Africa or your consignment will not clear. There are many regulations with regards to taking belongings to South Africa, including many strict restrictions. Here at Britannia, we endeavour to make your removal as simple a process as possible. With this in mind, please see our downloadable break down of customs regulations for guidance.

Delivery in South Africa

Britannia have managed to build a business relationship, over the years, with many overseas agents, who will bring the belongings to your new home and completely unpack on to any flat surface, as required. You will find that your goods have been treated with the care and respect required in such a complicated process, ensuring all of your goods arrive in the same condition as they left in.

Additional Services

Britannia Cestrian have over 40 years experience with safely taking countless families to the beautiful country of South Africa. Over this time, they have endeavoured to assist with any necessity with regards to overseas removals, these include International Pet Transport and International Currency Transfers.


Further Details

For further information, please see the video above, the downloadable brochure or contact the office on 01244 521 950 and arrange a FREE, NO OBLIGATION QUOTATION.

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