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Moving to UAE

Are you thinking about moving to Dubai, Qatar or Abu Dhabi, from Wirral, Chester or North Wales? Britannia Cestrian Removals & Storage have over 4 decades of experience in international removals and offer a wide range of services, making us a market leader for emigrating families.

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Here at Britannia we understand the care that people have for their sentimental objects, be it an heirloom passed down through generations or a brand new motor vehicle. We treat every and all belongings with the utmost respect and attention, to ensure no damages are caused during the complicated move overseas. Here is a brief outline of the services we carry out on a regular basis, including some additional services you might be surprised to find that a removal company can provide.


Full 20 ft. or 40 ft. Container Shipment

There are 2 main container sizes, as mentioned above, however there is a 3rd size which is not used as often, this is a 40 ft. High Cube (H.C.). They are named as such due to the length of them, with the H.C. being slightly higher than the others, making the volume inside slightly larger. These consignments are used for sole use and will be used for larger consignments such as full house moves and vehicle transport.

When sending a sole use container, there are 2 main options with collection. We can either have the container delivered to your house, fully pack and export wrap your belongings in advance and then load the container. It will then be sent direct to port and the next time you see it will be in 5-6 weeks time, subject to customs clearance, when it arrives at your new home. Alternatively, we can collect your belongings and store them, until you are ready for it to be sent, at which point we will load the container at our warehouse.


Groupage Consignments

Should you only wish to send a few belongings, you can always use the generally more cost effective Groupage Consignment. This is a shared container service and usually much cheaper than using a full container, subject to the volume of your shipment. These generally take slightly longer than sole use containers however, with the average period between collection and delivery being 8-12 weeks.


Export Packing and Wrapping Service and Bar Code Labelling

All goods moving abroad are fully protected for the journey, using quality packing materials to ensure as little or no damage as possible during transit. Along with this, all of our packers have been thoroughly trained and no matter how awkward an item is, they are able to ensure the safety of it during shipping.

To ensure no items are lost on Groupage Consignments, each individual object (either a box or separate item) will have its own unique bar code and will be listed in an inventory, created by our trained members of staff.


When Your Goods Arrive in U.A.E.

Your goods will be subject to customs clearance upon arrival, which our agent in UAE will clear for you, however you will be required to be present in order for these to be cleared. Should there be any charges to clear customs, our agent will pay these on your behalf, with you to reimburse them prior to delivery of your belongings.

Please note, there are certain belongings, which are forbidden to import in to the U.A.E. See the UAE import guide.


Delivery and Unpacking Service

When your goods have been cleared and any potential customs charges cleared, our agent will deliver your goods and fully unpack onto any flat surface you require. You will have moved all of your required belongings overseas with very little stress or effort on your behalf, having them delivered in the same condition they left your home in.


Getting a Quotation

Every quotation Britannia provides are free of charge and hold no obligation, meaning you can explore all of your options and make sure you choose the right one for yourself, with no difficulty whatsoever. A surveyor will happily come to your property, assess your potential move and provide you with a comprehensive quotation, at a time convenient for you.


Additional Services

Britannia Cestrian have over 40 years experience with safely taking countless families to the beautiful country of South Africa. Over this time, they have endeavoured to assist with any necessity with regards to overseas removals, these include International Pet Transport and International Currency Transfers.


Further Details 

For further information, please see the video above, the downloadable brochure or contact the office on 01244 521 950 and arrange a FREE, NO OBLIGATION QUOTATION.

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