Disaster Recovery Services

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Today's changing climate conditions can cause a variety of problems for your home, flooding, subsidence, storm damage and fire are all major contributors to damage to buildings and property ever year in the UK.

Disaster Recovery

Britannia’s services can assist to make life easier for you. By arranging with you and (if necessary) your insurance company. Britannia will remove furniture and other goods from the damaged areas of your home. We will place your belongings in a safe and secure storage facility until repairs are completed.


Britannia’s large network of branches allows us to store your possessions in a conveniently located facility. 


[Britannia Cestrian assist with disaster recovery in Chester and surrounding areas]


Britannia has the experience as well as the resources to service the specialised area of ‘Disaster Recovery’. We have a long standing pedigree with recovery removals and have forged active links with insurance companies and loss adjusters across the UK.


This gives you the confidence that if disaster does strike, Britannia is close by to help, by providing a range of swift and professional services to move your goods out of harms way, so that damage to your belongings is minimised dramatically.


To find out more, call our specialist team now and let Britannia help get you back on track, simply and speedily.


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