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6 Steps to House Removals in Cheshire

In 2021 within the UK, about 427,000 households are looking to move to a different home or city.

January saw an uptick in home movers in comparison with first time home buyers. If you are among those ready to move to a new home, you will need to plan.

The following checklist will help you get ready for your house removal. Your move will be seamless, from planning to storage to moving day.

House Removal in Chester, North Wales & Wirral

Before you begin your home removal process, here are a few pre-planning tips.

To allow enough time to prepare for your house removal, clear your schedule and seek help from others.

If you have children, contact someone to help care for them during this time.

Practice self-care, including taking breaks, going for walks, or chatting with a friend. Ensure downtime between tasks to reduce stress.

If you have pets, take steps to acclimate them to the moving process. One idea is to bring in moving boxes ahead of time. Make sure they get used to their pet carriers by putting them nearby.

Last, hire a local removal company to help you from start to finish.

The peace of mind is priceless.

Declutter Your Home

To make your move easier, declutter your home and remove anything you do not need to use or display in your new place.

Take a box into each room, and set a timer for fifteen minutes. Look through your items. If you have not used something in the past year, it goes into the giveaway box.

You may need to repeat the process for another few minutes. It is the perfect way of pre-moving, reducing what you move.

Your partner or children can also declutter using the same easy process. Make it fun by offering rewards for decluttering their rooms, or set a timer and race each other.

Give Away Items

After you finish decluttering, you will have several boxes and bags full of things to give away.

Many charity shops in Chester accept donations. Some even allow you to post the items free of charge.

Choose a day to drop off or post items. You will love how it reduces the number of things you need to account for while moving.

Moving Binder

Keep track of your checklists and moving documents by creating a moving binder.

For this project, you will need a thick three-ring binder, page protectors and divider tabs. Each section of the binder will hold essential papers for your move.

Your binder should include moving checklists, receipts, new home information, loan and mortgage papers, and other documentation.

Inventory List

Creating an inventory list of large and valuable items in your home is essential.

Go around your home and make a quick list of items. Then, colour code the list by room. It will give you a good outline of what your home removal service needs to accommodate.

Create a box of valuable documents. It includes birth certificates, passports, and other papers.

Take photos of larger or valuable items included in the move. It will help you keep a record of your belongings.

Furniture Planning

When you move, you want to make sure your current furniture fits your new home.

Measure the width, height, and length of your furniture. Afterwards, measure the door openings in your new home.

Also, look at each room and the purpose it will serve. Will the room be a guest room and an office, or a playroom and nursery?

This simple step will reduce stress on a moving day. Plan for new furniture purchases based on what your new home can accommodate.

Plan Moving Day

Well before moving day, prepare yourself and your family to reduce stress.

Arrange to have utilities and services turned on at your new home before arrival. It includes electricity, gas, internet/cable, and more.

Make a house survival kit for moving day. It can be a small bag packed with water, snacks, chargers and other essentials.

Pack an overnight bag for each family member and yourself for moving day. Items to include are bedding, toiletries, clothes, and mediations.

If you choose to pack some of your belongings ahead of time, make sure to buy packing boxes, tape, and materials.

Also, create an unpacking kit for moving day with box cutters, garbage bags, and cleaning supplies.

Storage Solutions

Consider the storage you will need before, during, and after the move to your new home. It is paramount you know what is available so you can plan.

Here are four major Chester storage solutions to help you in the process.

Household storage stores large items. It is perfect for things you will not need right away. It is a valuable service as it allows you more flexibility in your move.

Business storage provides an area to store extra desks, chairs, and documents.

A self-storage unit is a good option for you to store items yourself in a locked area. You can plan for your move little by little, storing items as you go.

Mobile storage is another choice that allows you to pack a little at a time. The unit stays at your home or business. When you are ready, the service moves it to a storage facility in anticipation of moving day.

Expert House Removal Services

Britannia Cestrian in Chester offers a full range of house removal services.

They walk you through a pre-move survey to help you determine the best options for you.

One of our specialities is piano removal. Our process is thorough and allows you peace of mind with your priceless items.

Britannia Cestrian also offers a secure shredding service for home or business use. Once you declutter your home before moving, you can trust them to shred your extra paperwork.

They are a one-stop-shop for everything you need to move. Reduce the stress of moving by hiring the best.

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