House Removals: 9 Tips for a Smooth & Stress-Free Move

There’s a lot to stress about when you move house, including packing, cleaning, securing a mortgage, and selling your existing property. It should come as no surprise that moving is one of the most stressful life events. While you want your move to go smoothly enough, an untimely illness or injury can be a real headache when you’re dealing with such a long-term project.

Read on for 9 stress-free tips for a moving day and house removals to find out how to get through your move without suffering added anxiety.

  1. Plan Ahead

Planning ahead of time is paramount for a smooth and stress-free house move. The most efficient way to begin is with an organised moving checklist that outlines everything you need to do before the move, on moving day, and after moving day. This list makes creating a schedule feasible, and you can monitor the progress of your tasks.

Consider getting a moving timeline, which involves breaking down your tasks over weeks and months towards the big day. You’ll create ample time to sort out all your belongings and identify all the things you will need for the move. Getting everything organised as early as possible should help keep anxiety at bay when the moving day finally arrives.

  1. Declutter

Have you ever heard of the term, less is more? Moving house marks the perfect opportunity for decluttering. This process will not only save you time and ease your moving load but is also an excellent chance to donate or sell items you no longer need.

It’s all about having fewer items to weigh you down, and the less you have to pack, the less cluttered your new living area gets. You’ll have a fresh start when moving into your new home without the baggage of items collecting dust in your attic or cluttering your closets.

Go through your possessions one room at a time and put what you don’t need in a separate pile. Ask yourself, when was the last time you used that 20 year old vase or vintage chair and whether you’ll need it in your new home? If not, consider donating, selling, or throwing it away.

  1. Hire Professional Removal Service

Another tip to make moving a breeze is to consider hiring a professional removal service for house removals in Chester. They will be able to help you with everything from packing and loading to transportation, unloading, and unpacking.

Having a team of professionals handle your move means they are well-equipped with vast experience and will help provide set-up times and work with an organised plan for each stage of the move.

Additionally, certified house removal firms have public liability insurance, secure storage units, and the right tools and machines to execute a successful move of your furniture, personal belongings, and household appliances. Enjoy comfort, speed, and save time by avoiding doing all the heavy lifting yourself.

  1. Quality Packing Supplies

Investing in high-quality packing supplies from reputable Removal companies ensures your belongings survive the knocks and bumps of transportation. Your items should remain in pristine condition and update measures that minimise the effects of transport vibrations, oscillations, scratches during the move.

Layering breakables like a pro protects them from potential shocks, like using tissues, crumpled newspaper or bubble wrap. It is worth investing in strong packing tapes to keep boxes tightly closed, high-grade cushioning papers to pad valuable items.

High-quality moving blankets should be used for wrapping larger items, like bulky chairs or sofas, to protect them from scratches. Make sure every box is labelled with your name and destination, i.e., original room sheets rooms to transit, whereabouts, new rooms.

  1. Labelling and Organising

Printing out labels for the move enables you to be more organised and ensure you protect fragile items during the move. Your labels should be highly visible, placed on each box’s major sides and oversized to be easily seen from afar. This strategy guarantees safety precautions, reducing the chances of mishandling or breakages.

Creating a system based on the frequently needed or less required items in the short description helps ease unnecessary unboxing arrangements. Your post-tagging enables families or movers to know which box should be opened and what to grab first, especially for us more forgetful types.

A smart move is keeping an inventory, and list storage on each label this ensures you cross-check that everything arrived safely in the new home, and you don’t need to go ransacking boxes looking for individual items.

  1. Pack Smart

Start packing small items in smaller boxes, assemble large wardrobe boxes, bedding packages, linen bags, and then add bulky yet light objects like shoes. Followed by bagging the bulkiest items with a strategy for both safety and accessibility is highly advised.

  1. Take Essential Items Together

Be ahead of the curve in the weeks leading up to the move and prepare a critical items bag. This should comprise a few essential items like toiletries, bedding, important documents, jewellery, food provisions, light refreshment, office-related tools and equipment or space-saving entertainment features according to preferences.

  1. Update Forwarding Address

Set up your mail forwarding service, and also ensure you update all your credit card, banks and insurance services. Clear instructions to banks, post office, and insurance companies should accompany changes, ensuring your new forwarding details are of immediate recognition to all parties concerned.

Leasing agreements, mortgage payments, and Notice of Transfer/Bills must be on your mind during this transaction; better be when still in the old living address to stay on the safe side.

  1. Preparation for Pets and Plants

Pets and plants are uniquely vulnerable they both exhaustively grieve upon discovering a new unfamiliar environment. Prepping pets ensure they maintain mental and physical stability, before during and after moves.

During the transition, considerations include security, comfort, hydration, feeding dogs special treats, preplanning feeding schedules, special medication and making several visits with cats to the new set environment. Consult your local veterinary practitioners if additional recommendations are required or online communities to acclimate pets to new living conditions.

Plants, on the other hand, need to get potted earlier; make yourself generally aware of entire garden soil structures the plants have historically thrived in to build creativity swaps in your disposal ahead; likely with available alternatives within or from nurseries.

House Removals Like a Pro

Overall, making sure your move is made with no stress and as smother as possible is hugely important. Following the 9 tips provided above will ensure you don’t fall victim to any of the common pitfalls of house removals.

We provide house removals and storage services in Chester, Wirral, and North Wales storage designed to meet your unique requirements. Get peace of mind and stress-free move by hiring our qualified, experienced and professional movers today.

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