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How to Prepare for Moving House From Wirral: 7 Key Tips

Anxious about leaving Wirral? You are not alone!

According to research, up to 20% of people suffer from anxiety and other mental health issues due to moving and other major life-changing events.

Whether you’re moving for a new job opportunity or want a change of weather, moving from your Wirral home can be challenging to orchestrate alone. Rather than play it by ear and hope everything gets done in time, it’s a good idea to make a solid plan well in advance of your move.

If you are moving house in Wirral, these tips might help you relocate more easily.

  1. Declutter Your Belongings

While decluttering is essential for improving the aesthetics of your space, it’s also crucial for a seamless moving process. Decide what to sell, donate, or throw out before you start packing. Check to see if any items are broken and worth leaving behind.

By decluttering, you will keep your house removal costs down as there will be fewer boxes to move. In addition, moving will be easier for you and the moving team when you don’t have clutter in your home.

  1. Make a Master List of Moving Tasks

It is easier to remember what you need to do when you have a moving to-do list. You can check off items as you go, which is always satisfying. It also improves the efficiency of the moving process, especially if you have kids and pets. A list will help you organise your thoughts and should be made several months before your move.

Don’t forget to include deadlines in your lists. While you’re in a list-making mode, make an inventory of what you’re moving for insurance purposes. This will ensure you are not missing anything as you unpack at your new place.

  1. Invest in Quality Packing Boxes

One of the most important ways to ensure a smooth move is to invest in quality packing boxes. Avoid grocery or old moving boxes as these expose your belongings to danger from moisture exposure and bug infestation.

Cardboard boxes are strong and ensure that your belongings get to your new home in good condition. In addition, you can use a marker to indicate what is in every box for efficient unpacking. Moving boxes are also affordable, and you can recycle them for DIY projects after the move. Speak to us today about your packing needs.

  1. Protect Furniture Parts and Accessories

The safety of your furniture is a prime concern when moving houses in Wirral. After all, carelessness can lead to shredded upholstery, scratched wooden furniture, and broken glass. How can you protect your furniture during a move?

Get the Basics Right

Make an inventory of all your furniture, along with their measurements. Take note of pre-existing imperfections and take photos as you remove knobs, castes, drawers, and pulls. Pack the accessories separately.

Stock up on Necessary Supplies

You’ll need a few knick-knacks to protect your belongings, including bubble wrap, packing tape, shrink wrap, plastic stretch wrap, moving blankets, sealable plastic bags (for furniture parts and screws), and covers for mattresses couches.

Disassemble with Care

Disassemble as much furniture and accessories as possible. This makes the oversized items easier to handle and saves space in the moving vehicle.

Pack and Package Your Furniture Carefully

Start with soft packing paper, then plastic wrap or sheeting, and finally bubble wrap. You can also use moving blankets as they buffer your furniture.

  1. Create a Moving Budget

Moving can be a chaotic and expensive process without proper planning.

Many factors can affect your moving budget, including the number of items included and the distance from Wirral. The average total cost of a house move in the UK is about £8,885. By being attentive and proactive, you can create a favourable moving budget that will alleviate the stress of moving. To get started, you can print out a moving checklist online.

  1. Prepare the New Home

Before moving into your new space, think about the aesthetic changes you want to make. For example, painting the walls and ceiling will be easier without furniture and other items in the room. Have your carpets and rugs cleaned weeks before the moving date. And if you are considering refinishing the hardwood floors, make arrangements before the move.

You may also need some window treatments for your new bathrooms and bedrooms. Get the windows measured and curtains and blinds professionally installed. Even if you’re going to use temporary window coverings at first, know how many and what size you’ll need, especially in the private spaces.

Additionally, thoroughly clean your new home before the move. Once everything is in, it will be more challenging to do a comprehensive cleaning.

  1. Hire a Professional Wirral House Removal

If you’re short on time or hate the idea of walking up and down the stairs with countless boxes—or you’re moving across the country—you might want to look into hiring a professional removal company in Wirral. This doesn’t have to be expensive.

Consider getting quotes from multiple companies and comparing them.. Finally, ensure you understand the terms and conditions and purchase additional insurance if necessary.

Moving House in Wirral Made Easy: Book House Removal Service in Wirral

Preparing to move houses in Wirral can be a daunting process. However, with the good moving house tips above, you will quickly relocate from Wirral and enjoy the whole process. Don’t forget to create a good plan and a reliable moving checklist to guide you in the entire process.

Our family-run house removal company has consistently grown to be one of the most reputable removal firms in the industry for 40+ years. Britannia Cestrian has the expertise, knowledge, capacity, and trust to ensure your house removals in Wirral are as smooth as possible. Contact us today to get started.

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