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How Using House Removal Services Can Save You Time & Costs

Where to start?
What packaging to use?
What size van to hire?

Save Time Planning

Even if you have moved house before, these questions will inevitably come to mind again before packing up. It’s often hard to acknowledge how many more items you have acquired since moving into the house you’re now moving out of.

House removal companies can be a significant help. These professionals have plenty of experience in all aspects of moving, including transport and planning. Companies like Britannia Cestrian Removals will provide you with a survey to assess what is needed for the most efficient packing, loading, and transporting of your fragile items, furniture, and even pets.

Save Costs on Packing Materials & Repairs

You might consider doing everything yourself will minimise expenses. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Here are just some factors that will affect your moving costs:

  • The size of the property you move out of (the bigger the place, the more packaging material is needed),
  • The value of your fragile goods,
  • The size of the van you’re legally allowed to drive.

It is common to damage such items as TV screens, pottery, or mirrors while loading up the van. You can also frequently scratch the walls of narrow exits while carrying out bulkier furniture, such as a couch or wardrobe. These damages can potentially jeopardise rental deposits, as well as run up the costs of fixing fancy gadgets. The damage can be avoided by hiring professionals to help move safely and efficiently. Removal companies may also suggest getting additional insurance to protect your possessions. In some cases, they can even supply a crane to lift extremely heavy and large items.

The main way to protect furniture, household items, and the property while loading is to use appropriate, sturdy packaging. If you are moving with a family or packing an office or large premises of your own, it can be costly to supply all the necessary boxes and wrapping, as well as access proofing. This is protecting the access into rooms, such as narrow doors, halls, and spiral staircases, to avoid unnecessary surface damage. Fortunately, Britannia Cestrian Removals offer free packaging and access-proofing materials in some cases. See if you’r move could be eligible by contacting us today.

Save Time Packing

It can take days to weeks to pack a house or an office, especially when working full time and having a family to take care of. You might have to dedicate hours after work and weekends to first declutter, then pack and tape boxes, as well as deconstruct large furniture, such as a desk or a bed frame.

Professional removal teams are highly skilled at efficient packing. Whether it means wrapping a heavy, fragile item, such as a glass wardrobe door, or making the most out of space in the cardboard boxes – using vacuum bags and compact item placing, professionals will save you time, costs and, space.

Reduce The Stress of Logistics

Unless you are willing to make multiple journeys by car, you will need an appropriately sized van. If you have never driven a van before, it may not be wise to rent it for yourself or even to designate a friend to drive it for you. Some driving licenses are limited regarding the size of the vehicle you can drive; therefore, you may still be required to hire a driver. Furthermore, you would need to additionally pay for the insurance, in case of accidental vehicle damage. House removal companies typically have better service offers which include the vehicle, packaging, driver, and the removal team – depending on the size of your property and workload. Get a quote for your move with Britannia Cestrian here.

Moving Abroad After Brexit

Some house removal companies, such as Britannia Cestrian  are highly skilled in helping people to move to Europe or even across continents.

Certainly, it is more difficult to move abroad after Brexit, and it may be the biggest obstacle on your moving list. Arranging documentation and finding appropriate packaging for ship or air transportation can become unnecessarily stressful. Naturally, after Brexit, the rules for moving from the UK have changed not only in European countries but also in many overseas countries.

While you arrange personal visas and other entry documentation, a removal company can eliminate the extra strain by helping you arrange the house move to your designated country, from packing in the UK to unpacking in your new home abroad. We help people to relocate to various European countries, such as France, Germany & Belgium, as well as across other continents. Fully accredited with the British Association of Removers, the company has a large, flexible fleet of well-maintained vehicles that are designed to meet the requirements of any move. Read about our international removals.

Ticking All the Boxes

Before planning your move, we recommend reading this moving checklist. You might find that a house removal company can be a major help to successfully relocate to your new home. It can eliminate the stress and anxiety of the process, particularly, if you plan to do it all by yourself.

Get in touch with us today and let Britannia Cestrian save you time on your move.

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