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Why Younger People are Using House Removals More

The rising demand for house removal services amongst millennials

It may seem like a bold statement to say young people are willing to spend extra on house removal services. Housing prices have almost tripled in the past 20 years, and rental prices have risen over 200%. It seems to be more costly to move in general. Nevertheless, young people, particularly millennials seem to use the house services more often than ever.

Why is that? Young movers can now be split into two groups – those who remain living with their parents until they can afford to rent by themselves or purchase a home, and those that do not have a family to rely on or have moved far from home for work. The latter of the two often opt to live with their partners or friends, saving on living costs.

An age increase of the co-living tenants

The average age of house-sharers has increased by 5 years since 2017 – from 23 to 28 years old – meaning more mature individuals choose to live in shared properties. People in their late twenties tend to earn more than those under 25, which affects various priorities and decisions. Adults in their late twenties are typically more concerned about their time, comfort, and efficiency than those slightly younger. As it is increasingly difficult to purchase a home even in your late twenties, people choose to rent a place that resembles a home atmosphere, with some luxury amenities, appealing interior, and a sense of community.

An average stay in these rental places is approximately 18 months. This can be explained by young professionals continuously seeking a better home, especially when they need it and can afford it. This may happen because of a work promotion, moving in with a long-term partner, or starting a family.

Millennials are experienced movers

When you move frequently, you truly understand the depths of the moving process. You acknowledge that even when the most detailed plan is in place, some situations occur out of your control, delaying the moving process and adding extra strain. It is particularly difficult to move on time while having a full-time job and having several other individuals moving out of your home at the same time. Furthermore, not every group of friends maintains close relationships like the group from the “Friends” series, therefore the moving process can cause disagreements and differences of opinions.

Removal companies deal with many shared house inquiries, understandably so. It is an extremely cost-effective service that not only saves costs by reducing the risk of breaking your expensive, fragile items but also allows you time to focus on your priorities, such as your new job and studies, as well as your own leisure time and wellbeing.

Millennials seem to have already learned the hard way that sometimes it is more cost-efficient to pay the professional service rather than to pay for some very unfortunate consequences, including the reduction of their rental deposit due to scratched floors and walls while moving heavy furniture.

House removal services contribute to your wellbeing

If you only move a few times throughout your lifetime, it may not seem like a big deal to do it all yourself or ask your friends or relatives with a van to help you move. However, some people move homes between two and ten times while in their twenties. Frequent accommodation searching, packing, loading, and unpacking is extremely exhausting when doing it yourself. Mental health is already declining in young people, one of the main factors being the struggle to purchase a permanent home. Although living in shared accommodation is more cost-efficient amongst young professionals, the disadvantages of frequent moving contribute to the rising issue of mental health.

House removal companies provide professional help that relieves the strain off your shoulders. Whether you choose to rely on professionals during the whole moving process, including the planning, efficient packing, and transporting of your goods, or you only need a little help loading the van, these experienced teams can provide you with the necessary help at your convenience. The services you can afford depend on your budget and the removal company you choose.

Storage for unnecessary items

Depending on the place you move to, you may need a place to temporarily store all or some of your items. If you downsize to a new apartment, whether you move alone or with a group of friends, you may find yourself struggling to fit some furniture or may wish to move your belongings gradually while redecorating the new apartment. In such a case, some house removals offer storage spaces. It allows you to settle in your new home with minimal stress. Furthermore, it is a wonderful option if you need to store your items while you’re in between relocating, when you are in the position of having to move out before you can move into your new home.

If you live in the Cheshire, Wirral or North Wales area, Britannia Cestrian removals offer all these services and more for the most convenient and cost-efficient move. Get in touch to receive your quote!

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